Gene Fox

1/12/19: Gene Fox [Eau Claire] - Gene’s wife, Elizabeth (Liz), passed last Friday evening from complications from a heart attack she suffered several weeks ago.  He is saddened, but relieved that she is no longer suffering. He has been caring for her for several years, as she battled cancer.  She was 90 years old.  There will be no funeral or memorial here; the family is planning a memorial in California in a couple of months.  165 Amstar Dr., Chippewa Fall, WI  54729. lb

Mavis Hanson

12/22/18: Mavis Hanson (Fargo) – Mavis will be having hip replacement surgery on Monday, Dec. 31st. She has a lot of weakness besides her hip, so please pray surgery goes well and recovery without any complications. lb

12/29/18: Mavis Hanson (Fargo) – Mavis will be having hip replacement surgery on Monday, Dec. 31st.  She has a lot of weakness besides her hip, so please pray surgery goes well and recovery without any complications. lb

1/5/19: Mavis Hanson (Fargo) – Mavis’s hip replacement surgery went well. She did have problems with low blood pressure and lower hemoglobin levels, but that is better now. She is recovering and receiving physical therapy at a nursing home, and hopes to be able to return home soon. Thank you for your prayers. lb

1/12/19: Mavis Hanson (Fargo) – Mavis is doing much better. Therapy is going well and she expects to return home next Thursday. lb

1/18/19: Mavis is doing well after her hip surgery. She returned home on Thursday, and appreciates  everyone’s prayers. lb

john johnson

11/16/18: Ruth Johnson (Mandan/Bismarck area) – John Johnson’s mother, Ruth Johnson, needs our prayers. She had a colonoscopy earlier this week and was told that a mass of some kind was discovered. She is scheduled for a CT scan this Tuesday morning to further evaluate the situation. Please pray that the mass is not cancerous and that it can be addressed with minimal intervention and that God would bless her with healing.  36500 52nd Street NE;  Wilton, ND 58579-9596.  lb

Carolyn Blomberg

11/9/18:  Carolyn Blomberg (Twin Cities) – Carolyn had knee surgery this week. The surgery went very well, and she is happy to report that her recovery is going faster than her nurse has ever seen.  God has obviously intervened to speed things along. She is thankful for your prayers and support. lb

Dustin Boyle

10/12/18: Dustin Boyle (Eau Claire) is requesting prayers for his father, Joe Boyle, who was in a motorcycle accident on Saturday, September 22nd. His pelvis, abdominal organs, and left arm needed extensive surgical repair, but the doctors are hopeful for a positive outcome.  At this point, infection and secondary problems, like blood clots, etc. are big concerns. He's still in the ICU, but the doctors said that shortly after they close up his incision, they can take out the ventilator tube and then move him out of ICU. Your prayers for Joe Boyle and the family are appreciated. lb

10/20/18: Dustin Boyle’s Father, Joe Boyle – There is good news this week.  Doctors were able to close Joe’s abdomen on Monday.  On Wednesday the ventilator was removed and Joe so far Joe is doing fine without it. Thank you for your continued prayers. lb

John Quast

8/8/18:  John Quast (an elder in Eau Claire) tripped and fell on Tuesday morning, hitting his forehead hard on a rock. Unable to stop the bleeding, he went to the hospital, where the doctor believed John's skull was damaged enough to require surgery. He was transferred to another hospital in Eau Claire where an MRI revealed no internal bleeding and no significant damage to his skull, though he does have a concussion and quite a few stitches. He was sent home Tuesday afternoon, and was told he would have a bad headache for several days. John is thankful to God that the injury was not more severe, and requests prayers for a quick recovery.  He is requesting no calls for a few days, until he’s a feeling better. Thank you. lb

8/1818: John Quast (Eau Claire) – From John - Thank you brethren for your calls, cards and words of encouragement.  The first hospital stated "the patient was bleeding profusely and there was a large scalp laceration and skull fracture."   They were not staffed for such procedures so they prepped me for surgery and transported me to Mayo Emergency.  An MRI there revealed no skull fracture nor brain bruising.  God obviously intervened between hospitals. lb

Dan Derks

7/27/18: Dan has been suffering a couple of weeks with shingles. He is getting better, but would appreciate prayers for complete healing.  lb

Joe Bellefeuille (Fargo)

7/20/18:  Joe Bellefeuille (Fargo) – Joe is having problems with his diabetes the past few weeks. He will be seeing his diabetes specialist on July 24, and would appreciate prayers that it can be better managed.  His diabetes is making it hard to deal with the heat of summer.  lb

Ralph Mayer

6/6/18: Ralph Mayer, deacon for Saint Cloud, MN and Fargo, ND, will be going into surgery on June 15th to remove a recently discovered colon cancer.   He and his family would greatly appreciate your prayers for a successful operation.  lb

6/9/18: Ralph Mayer (Fargo & St. Cloud) – Ralph will be going into surgery on June 15th to remove a recently discovered colon cancer. He and his family would greatly appreciate your prayers for a successful operation. lb

6/16/18: Ralph Mayer (Fargo & St. Cloud) – Ralph & Joyce write: Ralph had colon surgery Friday morning at 9 a.m. and was done at 11:30 a.m.  The surgeon gave us the good news that all went well and that Ralph made it through the surgery without any problems.  The cancer was removed and he is resting quite a lot today. He will be up and walking as soon as he feels up to it.  We want to thank everyone for all the thoughts and prayers.  We appreciated them so much.  lb

6/29/18: Ralph Mayer (St. Cloud) – Ralph continues to improve, and is recovering as a pace that the doctor believes is good.  The surgeon, oncologist, and cardiologist examined him this week and said he is doing well.  Best of all, no chemo will be required.  He hopes to be able to attend services in the next couple of weeks. Ralph and Joyce are very grateful for your cards and prayers.   lb

11/3/18: Ralph Mayer (Fargo, St. Cloud) – Ralph’s latest checkup shows he is cancer free.  He may have to deal with some future spots of skin cancer, but cancer is not present anywhere else, which is wonderful news. Thank you for your prayers. lb

Larry Luginbill

5/23/18: Larry Luginbill went to the hospital on Tuesday suffering abdominal pain.  He was diagnosed with appendicitis.  Laparoscopic surgery was attempted, but the appendix was too swollen and inflamed, so regular surgery was performed to remove his appendix. Because of the size abnormality, the doctor sent it for testing to see if there might be other problems.  Larry is still in the Cambridge Medical Center, in Cambridge, MN. He might have to remain hospitalized for a couple of days. Larry and Teresa would appreciate your prayers that the pathology report comes back clear, and that Larry recovers from the surgery quickly.  lb

5/26/18: Larry Luginbill (Twin Cities) – Teresa writes -  Good evening--just wanted to provide an update on Larry's surgery and thank everyone whether they came to visit, called or are praying for an uneventful recovery. We are happy to share that the pathology report came back clear of any cancer. Larry is still in the hospital without a planned discharge date as yet. The doctor indicated this evening that this was far from a typical appendectomy is not in a hurry to release him as the digestive system has not started working as yet.  We appreciate your continued prayers. Larry & Teresa Luginbill

Luginbills new address –46659 Beach Rd., Harris, MN  55032.  lb

6/2/18: Larry Luginbill (Twin Cities) – Larry returned home from the hospital on Sunday. He is doing much better, but still has weeks of recovery ahead of him. Because of complications with the appendectomy, the incision was quite large, so it will take longer to heal. Thank you for your prayers.    Luginbills new address – 46659 Beach Rd.  Harris, MN  55032.  lb