Mason Derks

3/22/18:  Jason and Michelle Derks (Eau Claire) are requesting prayers for their little boy Mason who has been admitted to the hospital. Test results show he has salmonella. They are requesting prayers for him to heal quickly. Thank you. lb

3/24/18: Jason and Michelle Derks (Eau Claire) are requesting prayers for their little boy Mason who was admitted to the hospital earlier this week. Test results showed that he has salmonella. He is improving and they hope to bring him home on Sabbath. Thank you for  your prayers. lb

3/31/18: Mason Derks (Eau Claire) – Mason, who was hospitalized with salmonella, was able to return home last Sabbath.  He is doing much better, and the Derks appreciate all of your prayers.  lb

Rod/Tracey Freije’s granddaughter, Bellamy

3/19/18: We had just walked in the door when we received a call from our daughter Sara that her daughter Bellamy 1 1/2 years old has been admitted to the hospital in Bismarck with shortness of breath and labored breathing. We just found out she has been diagnosed with enterovirus.  Her brother Dalton had the same thing several years ago. We would appreciate prayers on her behalf for Gods intervention. Thanks Rod and Tracey. lb

Shirley Tilseth

3/16/18 Shirley Tilseth (Eau Claire) – Shirley has been experiencing serious back and leg pain.  She has had back problems for years, but now her legs and feet are swollen. Her doctor tells her that the veins in her legs are not working as they should be, and there is little that can be done to help.  The lack of blood flow is causing the swelling.  She has not been able to attend services regularly, and is requesting prayers that God will intervene. lb

Mary Burke

3/16/18 Mary Burke (Twin Cities) - Steve writes: Mary hurt her foot Wednesday evening. The X-RAY shows a broken bone near the outside edge of her right foot.  They wrapped it up in an ace bandage and she's wearing a "boot" on that foot.  She was told to stay off of the foot for 3 months. It's a slow healing area of the foot and surgery might be required before all is said and done.  Only moderate pain for now. This is definitely a pre Passover trial for us as I am still dealing with the low hemoglobin problems.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated!  lb

4/14/18: Steve & Mary Burke (Twin Cities) -  Steve was admitted to Methodist Hospital Friday evening.  He has been suffering from a lot of nausea and vomiting, as well as pain. The doctor thought it was too much to get under control at home. Mary had good news this week. It seems that the bone in her foot is healing. She is having no pain, and the doctor doesn’t believe she will need surgery.  She will be able to come to services again.  Thank you for your prayer for both Steve and Mary. lb

Cliff Olson

3/14/18 Tests have revealed that Cliff Olson has three blocked arteries around his heart. Two are 80% and one is fully blocked.  He is scheduled to have triple bypass surgery on Wednesday, April 4th at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park, MN.  He appreciates your prayers.  lb

4/6/18: Cliff Olson (Twin Cities) – Cliff’s triple bypass surgery went well on Wednesday.  He is resting and recuperating at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park.  lb

4/11/18:Cliff Olson returned home from the hospital on Monday afternoon. He is recovering well and says he’s “feeling fantastic.”  He would like to thank you for your cards, visits, and calls.  It has been a big help for him. lb

June Christopherson - Eau Claire (daughter Kristine)

2/22/2018 - I've put off because it is hard for me to even write, but I know that the prayers of the brethren are so important. Last week my daughter Kristine (age 48)  & I went to the Dr. in Marshfield Clinic in EC. She was experiencing pain i her ear & throat w/sores on the back of her tongue. I don't know what the Dr. saw, but he took a biopsy of the sore. 2 days later she got a call that it is cancer. This coming Monday we go for her consultation, there is imagining to be done yet. It is squamous cell cancer, a type of skin cancer. If the imagining shows that the cells have remained in the epidermis & not spread to the deeper layers they could remove it or them (don't know how many), and then be treated, with chemo & radiation..If it has gone beyond that then it is a lot more serious. This can also spread to the lungs. So now it's put in God's hands & we pray for the best & even more than the best. Thanks, June  lb

2/23/18 - Hello all,  Here is a prayer request from June Christopherson:  I am requesting prayers on my daughter Kristin LaRoche's  behalf.  She was recently diagnosed with squamous cancer. This is a type of skin cancer, her liaison(s) are on the back of her tongue. These cells are in the epidermis & hopefully haven't spread to the deeper layers. She hasn't had an imagining done as of yet, that will reveal just where she is at. Treatment is, of course, chemo & radiation, unless God would take it away. Thank you,June  lb

Lucyanna Derks

2/1918 Prayers are requested on the behalf of Lucyanna Derks, Jason & Michelle Derks’ baby daughter in the Eau Claire congregation. She has not been feeling well since Thursday morning and has been running a fever.  Saturday doctors determined that she had an ear infection.  Today (Sunday) they returned to the ER to have her re-checked. Her fever was at 103.8 and she has had continuing diarrhea. It has been challenging to keep her hydrated. Thank you for your prayers.  lb.

2/20/18 Jason & Michelle Derks have learned more about Lucyanna’s situation. She had to be admitted to the hospital because of the fever, diarrhea, and dehydration.  Today she tested positive for salmonella.  Please pray she will fully recover soon. lb

3/1/18 Lucyanna Derks was diagnosed with Salmonella, treated, and was able to return home last week. She began experiencing spiking fevers again yesterday, and was readmitted to the hospital in Marshfield, WI today. Tests are being run, but the doctors believe she is still infected with Salmonella.  Your continued prayers are appreciated. lb

3/3/18 Lucyanna Derks (Eau Claire) – Lucyanna, the daughter of Jason and Michelle Derks, was diagnosed with Salmonella, treated, and was able to return home last week. She began experiencing spiking fevers again, and was readmitted to the hospital in Marshfield, WI on Wednesday.  She continued to be treated for Salmonella, and was able to return home today. lb

Sally McConnaughey

I am writing to request prayers on behalf of myself and my baby. Due to the position of the baby and the fact that I have had gestational hypertension (high blood pressure in pregnancy), my doctor has recommended that the baby be delivered by C-section on Monday, January 15th. I would appreciate prayers for a successful surgery and recovery, that God would guide the doctors and no harm would come to me or the baby. Randy and I really appreciate the support of our brethren through this pregnancy as we’ve dealt with various health trials. With thanks,Sally McConnaughey=

Dan Creed

11/11/17: Dan Creed (Twin Cities) – is requesting prayers for his 90 year old mother who lives in KY.  He flew there on Friday to arrange hospice care for her.  She has become seriously ill and doctors feel there is nothing more than can do to make her better.  Please pray she will not suffer, and be at peace.  lb

11/18/17: Dan Creed (Twin Cities) – Dan writes:  “Thanks everyone for your prayers on behave of my mom.  She died peacefully this morning (Sunday) at the age of 90.” Please remember the family in your prayers.  lb

Cliff Olson (daughter Nancy)


Cliff Olson is requesting prayers for his daughter, Nancy, who has a severe case of kidney stones.  She the matter is further complicated because of an infection that has set in. She is suffering quite a bit of pain.  She needs to undergo surgery to remove the stones that are blocking the duct from the kidney to the bladder.  But the infection must subside before surgery can take place.  Thank you very much for your prayers.    lb