Sally McConnaughey

I am writing to request prayers on behalf of myself and my baby. Due to the position of the baby and the fact that I have had gestational hypertension (high blood pressure in pregnancy), my doctor has recommended that the baby be delivered by C-section on Monday, January 15th. I would appreciate prayers for a successful surgery and recovery, that God would guide the doctors and no harm would come to me or the baby. Randy and I really appreciate the support of our brethren through this pregnancy as we’ve dealt with various health trials. With thanks,Sally McConnaughey=

Dan Creed

11/11/17: Dan Creed (Twin Cities) – is requesting prayers for his 90 year old mother who lives in KY.  He flew there on Friday to arrange hospice care for her.  She has become seriously ill and doctors feel there is nothing more than can do to make her better.  Please pray she will not suffer, and be at peace.  lb

11/18/17: Dan Creed (Twin Cities) – Dan writes:  “Thanks everyone for your prayers on behave of my mom.  She died peacefully this morning (Sunday) at the age of 90.” Please remember the family in your prayers.  lb

Cliff Olson (daughter Nancy)


Cliff Olson is requesting prayers for his daughter, Nancy, who has a severe case of kidney stones.  She the matter is further complicated because of an infection that has set in. She is suffering quite a bit of pain.  She needs to undergo surgery to remove the stones that are blocking the duct from the kidney to the bladder.  But the infection must subside before surgery can take place.  Thank you very much for your prayers.    lb

Anita Kardell

9/27/2017   Anita Kardell, of the St. Cloud congregation, is requesting prayers.  She is having excruciating pain in her shoulder blade and arm.  On Saturday doctors did an EKG and her heart seemed okay.  It was thought she had a pinched nerve in her back or neck.  Visits to the chiropractor helped, but the pain continued so Vern took her back to the doctor on Monday.  Anita has a recurring problem with her heart – Atrial Fibrillation, a fast and erratic heartbeat.  She has had her heart stopped with electric shock twice in the past to get it back into rhythm. Thursday she will be fitted with a heart monitor for 24 hours and will have an Eco-cardiogram. She and Vern hope to know more after those tests results come in.   Please pray that God would intervene to relieve the pain and help her heart return to a normal rhythm.    lb

10/25/17: Prayers are requested for Anita Kardell.  Anita had an appointment with the Oncology Clinic at Abbott Hospital on Monday. She has a mass in her abdomen and nodules in her lungs. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday of next week at Abbott.  We won't know until after surgery whether it is cancerous or not. Thank you for your prayers.  lb

10/28/17: Anita Kardell (St. Cloud) – Anita had an appointment with the Oncology Clinic at Abbott Hospital on Monday. She has a mass in her abdomen and nodules in her lungs. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday of next week at Abbott.  We won't know until after surgery whether it is cancerous or not. Thank you for your prayers. lb

11/1/17: Here’s the news about Anita’s surgery today.  The mass in her abdomen is not cancer. They did not have to remove any of her colon as it was not attached to the mass.  They did remove her uterus.  She be in the hospital until Friday.   They are planning to do a biopsy on the nodules in her lung‘s later this week.  Please pray those are cancer free as well.  She’s doing well.  Thank you for your prayers! lb

11/4/17: Anita Kardell (St. Cloud) –  The mass in Anita’s abdomen was not cancerous. They did not have to remove any of her colon as it was not attached to the mass.  They did remove her uterus.  A biopsy was taken from the nodules in her lungs, and results will not be known until Monday.  Please pray that are not cancerous.  The doctor is optomistic that they won’t be.  Anita was released from the hospital on Friday.  Thank you for your prayers.   lb

Bill Ellison

6/28/17: We'd like to request prayers for my dad. Mom brought him to Fairview Hospital in Wyoming this morning after he'd been feeling poorly and slurring his speech.  He's having tests now to determine the cause. Please pray for God's intervention on Dad's behalf.  Thank you,  Dusty    lb

6/29/17: Scans done at Fairview in Wyoming, MN Wednesday morning revealed that Bill has had several mini-strokes.  He was transported to the University of MN Medical Center for further testing.  Doctors believe that small blood clots have been forming his heart and traveling into his brain.  Thankfully they have found no evidence of broken vessels in his brain.  More scans will be done on Thursday to determine why clots are forming in his heart.  He is feeling relatively good, with no additional symptoms other than difficulty speaking.  He prefers not to have visitors yet, but appreciates your continued prayers very much.  lb

6/30/17: Bill Ellison (Twin Cities) – Bill suffered several mini-strokes this week, imparing his speech. Doctors believe blood clots formed around his heart and traveled to his brain.  After hospitalization, Bill was able to return home on Thursday night.  Scans of his heart did not reveal any additional clots, which is good news. However, doctors aren’t sure why they formed in the first place.  Bill is being given a heart monitor to wear for about a month so doctors can get a better idea of what’s happening.  It will take some time and speech therepy before Bill is able to speak normally.  Your continued prayers are appreciated.  lb

7/1/17: I want to thank everyone, who has been aware and praying about my husband's mini strokes and speech difficulties. He is out of the hospital now and doing some better. It will take some time to recover, but he is progressing slowly. The doctors could not find blot clot/blockage areas they expected to find on the Trans Esophageal Echo cardiogram. Apparently, the clots/plaques have been absorbed by the body. The prognosis is good for a full recovery of speech with therapy....Message from Sue

Sarah Gjesvold

Greetings Friends:
Sarah and I wanted to provide an update on events of the last several days and ask for your prayers that Sarah be able to return home from the hospital.  Sunday evening after going seven days without being able to hold food or water down, Sarah was admitted to Regions hospital under observation and subsequently into in-patient care.  She will not be able to return home until she can take nourishment.  Tests are being performed and it is very likely that a feeding tube will be placed.  Please pray that God's will be done and that she be able to return home soon.  She is requesting no visitors for the time being.      Scott Gjesvold


8/26/17  lb

Sara Gjesvold – (excerpts from Scott and Sara’s latest update) The last several months have been a struggle that was punctuated by a nine day hospital stay during which a feeding tube was placed and, several weeks after that, the implant of a continuous drug delivery pump to help manage pain.  In spite of the feeding tube which delivers food directly to the small intestine where it is safe from involuntary expulsion – Sarah has not been able to obtain enough nutrition to sustain her. Her weight and strength have diminished greatly, to the point where, for all practical purposes, she is bed bound.  Sarah’s body has essentially decided that it no longer can tolerate food and the pain grows almost daily; and so, she will enter hospice care and that is something we never dreamed we would have to choose. Words cannot express the gratitude that we both feel for all of the support that has been provided by dear friends, family and even many that we have never met.  The entire update is posted at:   

June Christopherson - Eau Claire

June Christopherson (Eau Claire) – June is having severe pain in her hip.  She will be having physical therepy to see if that helps. If it doesn’t she may have to have hip replacement surgery.  She would appreicate your prayers.  lb


6/23/17: June Christopherson (Eau Claire) – June’s hip is feeling much better.  She had had severe pain in her lower back and leg.  She has a therapist who specializes in lower back injuries and after a few sessions there is much improvement.  She would like to thank you all for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for her full

11/11/17: June Christopherson (Eau Claire) –   June had hip replacement surgery on Tuesday.  They got her up early Wednesday morning to go for a walk.  So far today she been walking, doing steps and learning how to get in and out of a car.  She came home Thursday, feeling pretty sore.  She is continuing therapy every hour at home.  Please pray for a speedy and smooth recovery.  lb

Steve Kunde

4/19/17 Steve Kunde will be having cryosurgery this Wednesday to try to eliminate any remaining prostate cancer cells.  He and the family would like to request prayers for a successful outcome and a speedy recovery.  Thank you!


4/22/17 Steve Kunde (Twin Cities) - Steve Kunde had cryosurgery on Wednesday to try to eliminate any remaining prostate cancer cells.  He and the family would like to thank everyone for your prayers about his recent surgery.  The surgery went smoothly and the doctors are optimistic that they were able to get all the cancer cells that they had detected. He was able to return home Friday and is resting comfortably. Steve will continue to have blood work over the next several months to see if anything else shows up, so your continued prayers would be much appreciated.  Thank you!

Jane Boettcher

4/15/17 Jane Boettcher (Twin Cities) –Jane’s eye surgery went very well.  She  went back to the clinic for a post-surgery evaluation, and was told that everything looks good.  She will go for another evaluation in a couple of weeks.  Thank you for your prayers.


4/22/17 Jane Boettcher (Twin Cities) – Janes writes: I've been having painful back/hip/leg problems for over a week.  It is very painful for me to walk, I look like I'm imitating a duck! Been to two doctors and they are not sure what is the cause.   They gave me meds for muscle inflammation.  I did injure my tailbone two months ago, but that problem resolved itself.  Have to go to therapy next Monday.  Would appreciate prayers - thanks.


Jason Derks (Eau Claire, WI)

2/3/17...Jason Derks (Eau Claire) – Jason is recovering from hip surgery. The initial recovery period was pretty painful, but he is doing better. Please pray for a quick and smooth recovery.