Sue Ellison

Jana sent this update on Sue,

8/22/19-Last night Sue was admitted to the ICU because that was the only open bed in the hospital.  Turns out, that was quite a blessing because she started experiencing sepsis during the night.  They were able to treat the sepsis and believe they have it under control.  She has experienced some swelling/damage to the brain that was either caused by the infection or the resulting spike in blood pressure.  She's still having a hard time communicating, but has improved during the night.  The night nurse said they'd expect her to be in the hospital for about 5 days, and then she'd likely need to spend a couple weeks at a transitional care facility while her brain healed.  The morning nurse was more hopeful after seeing her improvement overnight, though she said that they just need to play things by ear and see how quickly she recovers. 

Jamie, Bill and Sue's second-eldest daughter, was about to drive up from Iowa when she got a call from her husband that their daughter had to be brought into the ER for diabetic ketoacidosis, so she's staying down in Iowa with her daughter for the time being.  Prayers for them would also be welcomed - this is a lot for the family to deal with all at once. 

Thank you everyone for your prayers, love, and support! lb