How to be Positive in a Negative World

Sabbath Service Sermon March 22, 2014 How to be Positive in a Negative World  

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How to be Remarkable

Seminar Twin Cities Families Glorifying God Weekend Remarkable is a word-of-mouth term.  When we see, hear, or experience something exceptional, we "re-mark" it in our own words and tell others.  But it has to be exceptional to generate word -of-mouth.  The Bible has some examples of truly...

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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Seminar Twin CIties Families Glorifying God Weekend We are told in scripture that as part of the CHurch of God we must "love one another."  What does that mean?What is our responsibility toward the brethren in our local congregations?

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Family Relationships

Twin Cities Families Glorifying God Weekend Sabbath Sermon

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The Church; The Spiritual Family

Friday Night Bible Study March 14, 2014 Twin CIties Families for God Weekend

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Why Did Jesus Christ Come?

Are You a Leader?

Sabbath Service during the Young Adults Leadership Weekend

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Fight The Good Fight

Do We Ask the Right Questions?

The first few seconds of this sermon were not recorded.  Mr Witt is relating an experience at a marketing conference he attended in the past.

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Simplify Your Life